About Us

We are a decentralised web-service provider virtually available everywhere through our cloud. We are an innovative startup that believe in bringing the industrial grade services like website designing, cloud hosting and digital marketing at everyone’s palm across the globe. We are different from the other industrial setups as, rather than being a company, we are a community of creative folks who love to bring ideas to life. We are not specific to any region – that means our services are accessible everywhere, internationally, through our website and anyone, irrespective of their region, can freely consume our services or may also work with us to contribute to our awesome cause. And the best part is: anyone can contribute their skills to us, anyone can work with us, and anyone can use our services for growing their business. We have no office anywhere in the world as we support the freestyle working that enables our employees, distributors and contributors to work freely from anywhere at anytime on their own terms. You can work with us even from the Mt. Everest! We have removed all the boundaries that affect an individual’s freedom, liberty and family life while working. 🙂 We love to see our workforce happy, same as our happy clients!