Europa Locks

Robust Security Solutions

We Secure Better!

Security is not an option but a necessity. We, at Europa, understand this very well and therefore we design the best–in-class engineered products to relieve you from the stress of theft. You will never lose your loving stuffs anymore because we understand your security concerns extremely well and, therefore, we learn them by heart to provide you with a robust solution, as an answer to every theft, in our accurately manufactured locks and well advanced security systems. Now you can go anywhere in the world leaving your room or luggage free from the tension of insecurity. Our locks provide our consumers a heavenly peace of mind. Secure yourself with a trust of Europa and get relaxed forever!

Make Your Doors Loyal to YOU!

Our locks make your doors loyal ONLY to YOU. Our locks are specially designed in such a specific way that bypassing them is almost impossible for anyone. We know how important is your privacy to you and thus we respect it greatly. Therefore, so do our locks and security systems as well. We encrypt your doors, like no one else, and blind the compromising key-makers. Our keys hold significantly specific details that other third-party manufacturers cannot print. Our locking systems support 256-bit AES digital security encryption standards which turns your normal door into a smart door. Breaking through the authentication codes inside our keys are almost impossible. Our locks are the finest piece of CNC engineering and the best-in-class in whole industry

An Unbreakable Metal

Europa Locks are born fighters. They are lighter than aluminium yet stronger than steel. Our metallurgy combines the strongest of premium elements and bring them together in a titanium-strong alloy, patented by Europa Locks. We are made of metal and so do our locks. Our locks go through some of the hardest standards of testing in the industry and prove their reliability after passing the weeks of harsh hell of high 250 degree temperatures, low -70 degree test, continuous highly pressured hammer attacks, building drop-tests, bullet-proof tests, key piracy tests and stubborn digital attacks. We ensure your protection from every aspect because our happiness lies in your security!

Park now with peace of mind

With Europa Locks, feel comfortable to park at any parking without the tension of of losing your bike. Our bike locks are hard to break and difficult to compromise. We use special rubber fibre on the outer covering of the alloyed thread which is knife-proof. Our metallic thread installed inside the lock provides an unimaginable stress to strain ratio. In some cases, our locks are even stronger and harder than your bike’s alloy. Your mind’s peace is our primary concern and we really love to see you enjoying your life rather than worrying about theft when you’re on some awesome trip! 

24x7 Security Guard

We provide the highest grade of industrial protection. Our security systems are highly advance and even has the capability to replace your security guard. We do not under-estimate our beloved thieves. There are hundreds of thousands of theft activities every half a day across the globe. In such an insecure environment, we know a new theft technique, that can affect the highest security standards of current era, can possibly be devised. So from our end we have placed an alarming system in our locks that can alarm you or even dial 911 in case of any security breach or unsolicited infiltration attempts.

Feel Free To Travel

No matter where you go in the world, our locks are always there to protect your stuffs. Our luggage security provide difficult to guess digit locking system along with an app driven digital security system. Our luggage security supports two-step authentication which means the lock will unlock only after the digital verification along with the manual code entrance. Our hard to break locks are dedicated to secure your travel and in case of losing the suitcase itself, our security system has an extra ordinary capability to determine your bag’s location. Now travel with a free mind and leave rest to us!

They are family!

Europa Locks are not just locks but they are family. They are always there for you. They are always dedicated in your service and protection. We love to keep all your stuff safe. Your protection is our priority and we mean it. We research for you to make your life safer and easier and this is because you mean a lot more than just a consumer, a family member. We are always looking forward to you to become a part of our family. Your welcome is always highly appreciated. In simple magic words: Europa loves you. 🙂