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We make education interesting!

We teach what you love. Here, at Zebra High School, it is our prime objective to bring you the best-in-class learning experience. Our teaching professionals take care of your overall curiosity and teach you the skills with the full on passion and friendliness. We, as a revolutionary educational institute, maintain our primary focus on the practical applications of courses taught in our campuses and bring our scholars a reach to a real-time experience of the topic. Our students love real-time application of what they study in class and therefore this is, basically, an open secret to their compelling interest into their field of study and therefore the most promising factor to consider Zebra High School as your trusted coach for your future.

We work on Values ♥

With the great power comes great responsibility. We absolutely understand the consequences and impact of education. If utilised for good, it can change lives by solving difficult problems like physical disabilities, serious diseases, daily life struggles and much more. However, when the education is misused for the unethical objectives then several world wars are delivered, billions of lives are lost and bloodshed becomes statistic. Therefore, without the presence of ethics and values in our teaching, we cannot complete ‘education’. Thus, here at Zebra, we spend quality time in teaching our students compassion and care for other humans, animals, plants and our environment. We dedicate our focus on character development alongside personality development: We teach ‘What to speak’ alongside ‘How to speak’. Our students love to help society and are always ready to serve anyone, with warm heart, incredible kindness and care, they come across.

We make Professionals

We are professional and so are our students! We have constructed an environment so that every student can grab the ability to work like a professional regardless of his educational background. We focus on the conversational development of our students by consolidating them with some industrial grade Q&A (questioning and answering) sessions everyday as the part of our personality development programme. Our training is no different than from those of some world class giant corporations. We emphasise a special focus on the speech, accent and voice quality of an individual. We prepare their mind to solve the most profound queries that are possible from the other end. Our students have the ability to categorise and classify the query type and quality and are capable enough to render the appropriate answers in minimal time-frame.Ā 

Make new Friends!

You will never be alone at Zebra High School. Believe us, you will love our comfortable environment. You will make new friends with your class mates, teachers and executive staff members. We love to make friends! While you study here: we live together, we work together and we learn together. We take care of each other. Zebra has a unique culture that makes it the most lovable school in South East Asia. Making a friend is an awesome experience. Getting a crush on someone is awesome too! Ah! Not to mention, we understand your feelings more than anyone. Therefore, we cordially invite you to visit to Zebra High School anytime. Mark us: You’ll love it for sure!

Unleash Your Creativity

You love being creative? Us too! Always feel free to polish and broadcast your creative skills at Zebra. You can create your own music, make vocals, play instruments, do magic, show acrobats, choreograph dance, make awesome arts, write books and much more. Creativity has no end! We always love to promote your skills. You can join even join our skill share programme to publish and market your creative work with us!

We have variety of options!

We understand how much difficult it is for you to select your course sometimes. We, at Zebra High School, provide flexible structure to ensure that you select your beloved course(s) from our versatile variety of offerings easily and without any stress of being locked up with the course if you find it unsuitable in near future. You can select multiple courses at the same time from our wide range of ongoing programmes available.

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There is no age to learn!

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