[SOLVED] Twenty Nineteen WordPress Theme Menu Bug

Twenty Nineteen theme, as of current state while I am writing this article, it has a frustrating bug in its Menu. Menu in Twenty Nineteen theme, created and published by WordPress team, does not scroll down when the menu height exceeds the height of your device’s screen.

This is a major bug in Twenty Nineteen theme and unfortunately this bug is not yet fixed by the developers at WordPress. At least not till the time this article is being written down.

However. To Fix this Twenty Nineteen bug, you need to do the following:

  1. Open WordPress
  2. Goto Customize in Appearance
  3. Goto Additional CSS
  4. Insert the following code:
.main-navigation .main-menu .menu-item-has-children.off-canvas .sub-menu.expanded-true {
 display: block;
 overflow: auto;

And by now, the menu will be scrollable in Twenty Nineteen theme for WordPress! Thanks!

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