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Terms & Conditions Documentation




Webdoors.IN® welcomes you to our Registration Programme. By the means of this Programme we are attempting an effort to improve the business connectivity and web space demography of various different nations, thereby, helping every single person, professional, business or enterprise to secure a dignified international digital brand identity with respect to its dedication and constructive work with the help of our company. We indeed respect every single bit of your love and support to us. However, in this documentation we are going to describe you our terms with you which also includes the conditions that you must accept and abide by in order to start your business, profession or personality, but not limited to, to use our web servers, engines and gateways, including ‘Rich Media Support’ and ‘Artistic Designing’, benefitted from and powered by using our services.


General Terms


Client(s) OR Consumer(s) OR You – Individual(s), Professional(s), Society(s), Business(s), Government(s), but not limited to, any legal entity who uses our service(s).

Webdoors.IN® OR Webdoors – Our company to provide services to client(s) or consumer(s). AND our brand name registered under the corporate IT ACTs & Regulations of United States of America.

Designing Services – Services provided by us in order to bring your website or localsite into reality either by Webdoors.IN® Creator™ or by our high end designer support.

Website Name or Domain – refers to the domain syntax formatted with www.<website_name>.<extention>. E.g. www.webdoors.in . This will be your branding site that could be accessed over the internet from the any part of the world internationally using www (world wide web), whether or not.

Website – refers to the designed or to be design site made using Webdoors.IN® Creator™ or Webdoors.IN® Designing Services.

Webdoors.IN® Servers – Our high end servers collocated in different parts of the world with high speed 100 gigabits/second connection along with Solid State Drives for storage with 512 GB of DDR5 RAM as per current specs. See Webdoors.IN® Server Specification Documentation for latest and more info.

Localsite – refers to the site without domain support running under the directorial regime of Webdoors.IN®. E.g. – (https://webdoors.in/localsite).

IP Addresses – IPv4/IPv6 addresses allotted to Webdoors.IN Servers to redirect domain via DNS.

DNS – Domain Name System.

Gateways – Services specially designed to run exclusive information as the intermediator. Webdoors.IN® currently supports International SMS Gateway Services in 200+ countries as well as Payment Gateway services in USA and UK.

i)                    International SMS Gateways – provides high end terminal to terminal online services to send SMS (Short Messaging Service) in more than 200 countries. These services are also used for One Time Passwords and Professional Voice Messaging. Thus also known as OTP Services and Voice-OTP in the industry, used by various organizations of all sizes across the world.


ii)                  International Payment Gateways – provides encrypted and highly secured channel thus helping you and your business to accept payments via Credit/Debit/Gift/etc. Cards.

Rich Media Industry – Webdoors.IN® exclusive high end services include rich media like designing Hollywood Styled Animated High End Visuals and Intros via Webdoors.IN® Rich Media™ Services.

Brand Identity Support – Webdoors.IN® supports your brand with the core of its wire. This support includes high end services like artistic brand logo designing, Rich Media Industry usage, Email Marketing and International SMS Marketing to your desired location or audience.

Email Marketing – refers to the use of mail servers for the purpose of brand marketing/merchandising or newsletters to the solicited users of any party email account services holding a valid mail address.

SMS Marketing – Includes the bulk SMS Services used for the purpose of marketing to the solicited desired audience anywhere in the world through Webdoors.IN® SMS Gateways.

Third Party Services – Services that are not under the authority of or owned by Webdoors.IN®.

Pricing – The structure of monetary filing that you will transact to Webdoors.IN® in order to have access to our services.

Copyright – Webdoors.IN® holds the complete and an absolute copyright to its digital as well as non-digital assets like design(s), logo(s), trademark(s), service(s), name(s) of the service(s), but not limited to, in order to prevent duplicity or deception of any kind. Infringement of copyright policy of Webdoors.IN® may result in the severe jurisdiction against the accused in his or her country’s respective Supreme Court of law along with the option of extradition, if needed.

Offers/Discount Codes/Free Trials – are the attractive promotions to entertain you to use our services in a better state of user code targeted to provide you and the other clients with the financial reliefs and other amazing benefits.

100% Money Back Guarantee – An exclusive guarantee provided by the Webdoors.IN Corporation on monthly basis to provide you with the security to use our services in a fiscally risk free environment.

Webdoors.IN Account or Account – Webdoors.IN Account is provided to you in order to exercise the creation, editing, deletion, management and purchase of your website(s), website name(s) and server(s) plans and other services by the means of the Dashboard.

Dashboard – Webdoors.IN® Software to access and manage Webdoors.IN® Account.

Plan(s) or Tier(s) – Gears made to differentiate pricing on the basis of your needs and requirements.


General Conditions


Webdoors.IN® is highly committed to safeguard your interest and thus in this section of this documentation we are disseminating our conditions that are ought to be complied with, by You, in order to start using our services. These conditions, including rights, are eternal and therefore will be remaining in effectiveness even after the expiry of your account.


Use of Webdoors.IN Account & Dashboard


Webdoors.IN® Account is solely made for your personal use and not for the commercial purpose(s) of any kind in any way or by any means which includes reselling of the service(s), but not limited to, by You. Therefore, you agree not to use Webdoors.IN® Account or its Dashboard or any other service(s) provided by the Webdoors.IN® or any of its partner commercially or as a reseller. Infringement to this or any other condition involves the severe penalty and charges imposed by Webdoors.IN® along with the acquisition of ‘Intellectual Property’ mentioned in this documentation.


Webdoors.IN® Dashboard™ provides you the access to the Webdoors.IN Server in order to design, edit and manage your website which includes the purchase of the plans as well as the website name or domain. You agree and admit to use these services only as the way it should be for your own use and purpose. Trying to degrade, destroy, pirate, copy, theft, deteriorate, hack, upload virus or malicious code but not limited to, in any way by any means with any intention the security, quality, usage, software or hardware, but not limited to, may result in severe penalty and high charges, as Webdoors.IN will claim on you as the recovery, and will be considered as the criminal punishable offence that may follow the jurisdiction of your country’s Supreme Court.


Duration of Use & Guarantee (Only for International Clients)


You will receive an expiry date from Webdoors.IN® when you purchase any general or exclusive plan and your website including other services will continue to be entertained by Webdoors.IN® during this period, from the date of purchase to the date of expiry. After the date of expiry, we will continue to hold your data and saved websites for the period of one month. However, your website and services will automatically be switched off and will get termination immediately from the Webdoors.IN® Web Engine™ in case of the absence of payment. After the grace period of 30 days, unpaid, your files will automatically become the subject of deletion.

In the special scenario, in case you are not satisfied by our services you will receive the complete money back of the unused period of the services you had initially payed for. For example: You payed us for 1 month. In case of your unsatisfactory experience, we’ll return you your one-month payment. Case 2: You payed us for 12 months but sent us an unsatisfactory notice in the 4th month. We’ll return you your payment after the 4th month, to 12th month, i.e. we will pay you back your payment of 8 months. Please note: This guarantee only and solely applies for Web Servers but not include Gateways and Rich Media Industry. You can use this guarantee only once a year and will rejuvenate automatically after the current fiscal year.


Legal Consensus


You, the client or the consumer or the user of our services, but no limited to, hereby agree that in any scenario and/or case, Webdoors.IN® including its directors, the chief executive officers and all the other high ranking officials, employees, sales associates, partners, but not limited to, will be kept immune against any legal correspondence or lawsuit from you and/or any entity from your behalf. In case of any such infringement of this Legal Consensus either by the Supreme Court of Law in your country on your behalf, you and/or your any partner, but not limited to, declare/agree/acknowledge/admit to facilitate Webdoors.IN® with the financial support which further includes attorney fees, case registration fees, oil fees, airlines fees, but not limited to, all the expenditure whatever asked by Webdoors.IN® in any format.


Intellectual Property Right


You grant Webdoors.IN® an exclusive interminable right at your absolute consent to grant Webdoors.IN® a permission to hold a perpetual assent, including an exclusive access, on any asset, property, wealth, but not limited to, held by you for any purpose with or without your prior approval.

Additionally, in case of signing up/agreeing for the ‘Mirror Marketing’ program: You grant Webdoors.IN® the exclusive everlasting right to use your trademark or logo solely for the purpose of marketing.




Webdoors.IN® hold an absolute right to terminate your account any time with or without any notice(s) or prior approval(s) with or without reason(s) substantial, whether or not.




Webdoors.IN® is not liable for any non-performance, factors including connectivity speed of servers, speed, reliability, uptime, designing services, timeframe of services, gateways non-response, rich media services un-satisfaction and/or various similar services but not limited to, from its side due to the any kind of failure including human errors, software malfunctioning, server overloads, electricity cut-off, connectivity failure, hardware failure, fire, water floods and tsunamis, earthquakes, act of nature, war, act of ‘Shri Bhagwan’ or supernatural activity but not limited to, whether or not.

You absolutely acknowledge/admit to keep Webdoors.IN® or any of its employee, CEO, CMO, CSO, directors, partners, but not limited to, harmless and/or indemnified and/or immune to any legal claim(s).




Webdoors.IN® withholds an absolute and exclusive right to amend its term(s) and condition(s) with or without prior approval of the consumer. The amended and the latest, whether or not, term(s) and condition(s) document shall automatically will get into the complete effectiveness automatically overriding the previous documentation(s) with or without the consent of the consumer whichever Webdoors.IN® will consider appropriate on its sole discretion and wisdom shall ought to be overridden.


Use of Services


All services or products provided to you by Webdoors.IN® must be used legally and in compliance with this agreement by you. You agree to use Webdoors.IN® services abiding by all the then current, future and past law(s), including local, national and international, of your respective nation as well as the world community that are in practice at the time of your using Webdoors.IN® Services for your own use, excluding reselling of the Webdoors.IN® Services which is the violation of our terms and agreement, respective as well as the irrespective of your country in which you are established and/or registered with Webdoors.IN®. Webdoors.IN® will not be liable for any violation of the law of any nation or country made by you using Webdoors.IN® Services as your platform. Webdoors.IN® takes no liability or responsibility of your way of using Webdoors.IN® Services. In case of any illegal and/or malicious activity committed by you using Webdoors.IN® Services, Webdoors.IN® will take no liability and/or responsibility of your action. In case of the proper evidence of the abuse of the Webdoors.IN® Services determined as per the sole discretion and wisdom, with or without reason, by Webdoors.IN®, it will immediately result in the blocking of your account as well as your services. In case of any illegal or illicit use of Webdoors.IN® Services or the violation of this agreement may directly result in the blocking and reporting of your account including your activities to the national investigation agency or crime branch of your respective nation. Such act may result in the amendment of our privacy policy formally signed and/or agreed by you, along with this documentation, and your information could be provided by us to your national investigation agency at the valid expense of the warrant verified by the Supreme Court of Law in your country on the successful verification or due to any lawsuit filed by Webdoors.IN®, if needed.




Your privacy will not be disclosed to any third party and will solely be kept secret by Webdoors.IN®. However, in case of any illegal use of the services, this policy may be amended by Webdoors.IN® with or without reason and can be accessed by crime branch, national investigation agency, etc. on the request of your country’s Supreme Court of Law depending solely on the discretion of Webdoors.IN®. Webdoors.IN® however takes no responsibility and/or liability of the theft by the means of activities like hack, software malfunctioning, human error, but not limited to, any kind of failure on the part of Webdoors.IN® or its security resulting in the rupture of this privacy policy.




I, ___________________________________ agree to all the terms and conditions of this Webdoors.IN® Terms & Condition Documentation to exist into effectiveness from DD/MM/YYYY to the perpetual and indefinite period until demolished by Webdoors.IN® on their sole discretion. I admit that Webdoors.IN® shall not be liable and/or responsible for my activity while using Webdoors.IN® Services at any time of past, future and present. I admit NOT to resale Webdoors.IN® Services for any purpose. I acknowledge and agree to use Webdoors.IN® Services as they should be, described by Webdoors.IN®, subjected to the change (Usage Policy) any time. I agree not to violate this documentation, subjected to automatic updates by Webdoors.IN® with or without any prior approval, consent and/or declaration. I admit not to use Webdoors.IN® for illegal purposes and/or against the law of my respective nation and acknowledge Webdoors.IN® harmless in case of any misconduct or abuse of services from me or any of the third party on behalf of me. I admit to agree with all the points of this document as well as the automatic updates to this documentation set into automated enforcement by Webdoors.IN® with or without my knowledge or consent. I agree Webdoors.IN® Terms & Condition Documentation and will act accordingly. I provide an exclusive right to sue me in the Supreme Court of Law and/or charge me as per their will in case of any abuse of services and/or violation of this documentation. I allow Webdoors.IN® to change its privacy policy anytime with or without my consent. I, thus, hereby agree to all the words of this Webdoors.IN® Terms & Condition Documentation and its automated updates.